Septic Systems

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Sewer System ServiceSEPTIC SYSTEMS

Septic systems are usually found in urban areas where city sewers are unavailable for various reasons.  Any waste water exits the house and enters into a tank ranging in size from 750 – 3000 gallons of capacity.  Over time the tank becomes full from the solids being deposited and requires pumping by a licensed professional to remove this solid waste.

On average a tank needs pumping every two years depending on usage.  Failure to pump your tank in a timely manner will result in damage to your fine tuned treatment facility.  By not pumping your septic tank this allows solids to enter your drain field which can clog the distribution system.

The tank is designed to trap all solids and allows partial decomposition of the solid materials.  This waste disposal system works well provided your area has absorbent soil conditions and the system be maintained properly.  However these systems fail very often when heave rain is encountered, soil conditions are less than desirable or design flows.

Once your system becomes clogged it is usually necessary to excavate and repair the damages.  Should a system be found to have been overlooked for too long, a new system may be required which can become very costly.  Systems failures are usually indicated by slow flushing toilets, water surfacing in the septic tank or field locations.  Local public health officials or a nosey neighbor will either see of smell your septic troubles which can pose legal liability.  Another good reason for safe sewage treatment is preventing the spread of disease.

Improperly treated waste water typically pollutes the environment with nitrogen, phosphorus and disease carrying agents which can leach into the drinking water supply or a local pond or stream and become hazardous downstream.

Ace Plumbing Co. can assist you in properly maintaining your septic system by setting up a regular inspection schedule. In case you for get to have your tank system checked we call you when it’s time. This unmatched service is part of our commitment to you and the environment.

Helpful Hints:  By closely monitoring your waste water usage you can put less strain on your septic system. A running toilet will wreak havoc on your field and flood your entire yard or system. Let’s save our together and not throw any toxic substances such as motor oil or chemicals down the toilet. These will hurt the balance of your system.

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